August 5, 2008

The Swan Inn - more than Bed&Breakfast

I haven't been able to pull together a post. I'm busy with company. We've had a houseful, though dwindling down for now.

Bruce, a friend of ours for years, though we've not seen him for awhile lately, came and spoke at our church this past weekend for World Vision. He's worked with World Vision for years, and it's the world-help organization we choose to support.

Because Bruce came, our son Travis came to lead worship, and they all came Friday. So Travis and Sarah slept in the laundry room, Bruce and his wife Linda slept in the guest room. Katrina came with Travis to help sing, and she slept in Heather's old bedroom and her husband joined her Saturday night.

Monte's youngest brother, Scott, with his wife Chris, and sons Nathan and Aaron, and then little Leah, arrived late Saturday night. They slept in the bunk house that night, moving into the unoccupied laundry room and Heather's room Sunday night, when those occupants 'checked out'. (Bruce and Linda 'checked out' before noon Monday.) Scott and family are leaving early Thursday morning.

I could have sung with Monte and Travis, but I would have become a basket-case! I wanted to focus on hospitality. We invited a few others for after Sunday church dinner, so we had a houseful. It was a very fun, full of life (other than relaxing later Sunday afternoon - vegging out) weekend.

Monday, the guys went fishing (and we had a great fish supper!); they fished today too (and Scott and Aaron will go tomorrow morning). Chris wanted to learn to needlefelt a doll and wants me to create a 'Leah doll' - so I am. Though Leah is often playing on the floor near us, I'm working from some pictures I printed of her.

Tomorrow morning Dawson is picking up an old friend, Bonnie, his age, at the airport. So the guest room will be occupied till ... I don't know ... I think she's leaving Monday ... but...

A Canadian geology couple and Monte's partner Stan, fly in Sunday ... hmmm ... (I've not thought through these details till this moment)(and I'm having a hard time concentrating with Chris and Monte talking) ... I'm going to have to move Bonnie from the guest room to Heather's room. The Canadian couple will occupy the guest room and Stan will have the laundry room. They'll be leaving the following Wednesday on a geology field trip.

They finish up their field trip Sunday in Salt Lake. So Monte wants me to fly to Salt Lake to be with him as he's driving the rental vehicle back to the Denver airport.

I'm getting tired just writing about all this. I better start washing some sheets and towels tomorrow! I start another needlefelting class Thursday night, if enough signed up. Friday night another artist "Show & Tell" night (at another home, not ours! this time). I need to bake more bread and plan the next round of meals.

As I reread my Velveteen House post, the only change, is that more rooms are transforming into guest rooms. I often feel we need a revolving front door (I read they are the most energy efficient door when there's a lot of foot 'traffic'.)
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