August 14, 2008

Fun Calendar Stuff

I'm looking at a book I mentioned earlier today in a post, and I see some fun stuff. Some the book has, and some I wrote in it -

The state I live in, Colorado, became the 38th state, August 1, in 1876. And I wrote beside it that Dawson had suggested in celebration, "make a peak cake". And two national songs writers have birthdays in August: Francis Scott Key on the 1st - "Star Spangled Banner" (I cried when I read the story); Katherine Lee Bates on the 12th - "America the Beautiful" text, from having just been on Colorado's Pikes Peak.

Key inventors of television (the 13th) and radio (the 26th) have their birthdays this month. Boy, have those inventions changed our lives dramatically. And now we have the internet ...

The first week of August is National Clown week. PT Barnum once said, "Clowns are pegs used to hang circuses on." I'm posting this because it made me think of the original definition of the word 'clown'. I have the original 1828 Noah Webster dictionary, the first American dictionary. The word clown is just one example of how language changes. There is no mention of today's use and the image of today's clown (Like Ronald MacDonald - did you know that he's almost more known than Jesus?). Clown roots: a rustic; a churl; a man of coarse manners; an ill-bred man.

Travis, do you remember when a bat was flying around in our house? Landon was living with us then. We were all wondering how to catch the thing. Awesome Dawson adroitly caught it in his bug net! I wrote that in the book on August 7, but didn't write what year!
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