August 16, 2008


I've been at a MOPS retreat this weekend and then to church tonight - Alisa Morgan of MOPS International actually was speaking at our church this weekend - coincidence. I am looking forward, hoping for a good MOPS year (Mother's Of Preschoolers, in case you didn't know), just like I'm looking forward, hoping for a good year for our church as well. God is at work, and I'm not wanting to miss a thing, nor miss being a part of that work!

I really need to go to bed! You know the joke or sayings about "slumber parties" - that they're actually "slumber-less parties". After lots of socializing/fellowshipping, and wanting to see the swimming part of the Olympics last night, we watched the movie "27 Dresses". I'd seen it before - I like it. But it meant we didn't get to sleep till about 2am!

But to carry on with my last weather report posting ... We did not get snow or a freeze, tho they closed part of the mountain freeway a bit because snow-removal equipment had to be brought out to remove hail ... but it's rained almost constantly for 2 1/2 days, which is so unusual! And the overcast sky has had me sleeping in, which is so unusual for me in my menopausal place in life (I prefer calling it "mental-pause").

So here I am at my computer when I should be in bed!!!! But there's things I need to read and write before going to bed. Tomorrow morning I'm flying out to meet Monte. He's been on a geology field trip. They're ending up at the Salt Lake City airport tomorrow for everyone to fly home from, so that's where I'm flying in to. The Canadian couple who were just at our home aren't flying out till late afternoon, so we'll be spending some more time together tomorrow afternoon. They were the people I referred to several posts back about being 'delightful'!

Monte's booked a couple hotels for our driving his rental vehicle back to the Denver airport. He didn't want to drive it home alone. So we'll be taking a little longer meandering back-roads together coming home. So I may not be posting for several days, unless I do it from his laptop.

The other tidbit of 'Happenings' info: Dawson's old iPhone is now mine. I've been trying to get my old cell phone# switched to it and am having problems. Too much company, and then needing Dawson and me sitting down together, and AT&T stores not able to help (old original iPhone to new iPhone differences), but doing it all thru iTunes ... and then the sign-in/password/other data ... What are my ramblings saying? I love this new era's technology, but am starting to wonder if the iPhone might be technologically too challenging for me ... We'll see ... But if I can get it functioning, I could do some blog postings from my phone! isn't that mind-boggling?!!!!!

I think that's enough! and off to bed. I am wanting to check my rain gauges tomorrow. I'm curious to our amount of rain. What seems like a lot, really doesn't amount to a lot. 'A lot' is what I've seen in ... Florida! And I've decided, after seeing Florida clouds, that our very dry climate makes for very vivid blue skies with very distinct cloud edgings!

Goodnight and goodbye for now (ta-ta-for now).
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