December 7, 2012

DIY Deodorant, etc.

Homemade bar soap for guests and gifting

I had to replenish our supply of deodorant today. Yes, I said I made deodorant. I make deodorant, lip balm, face lotion, hand soap (recipes and tutorials are here), shampoo bar, and laundry soap. The laundry soap lasts about a year and probably costs under $5 to make. Though I'll make hand bar and shampoo bar soap about once a year, it really lasts us longer than that. It's just that I give it away. I've not bought shampoo or bar soap in twenty years!

Soap bars and my face lotion
We tried getting away from antiperspirants years ago . . . and didn't like the by-product (or should I say "the lack thereof of the product"). Why is there no problem now? Or to rephrase, why do we not smell (stink!) now? We've eaten pretty good most of our married life. Tho now we're eating even better! What I read, is to give it time - time for the body to adjust. So we did. And we like it! It's got to be healthier.

Ingredients for homemade deodorant - the spoon is holding the solidified mixture

I do two kinds of recipes depending on the time of year. Our favorite is this simple one -

1/4 cup coconut oil
3 Tb shea butter
1/4 cup baking soda
3 Tb arrowroot powder
(I'm now adding probiotic capsules and lavender essential oil drops as in recipe below)

I melt the fats in the microwave and then stir in the dry ingredients. Pour into the desired containers. I usually put in small canning jars. But when traveling I prefer these plastic tubs.

BUT when it's summer? This mixture can get meltedy in the heat, just sitting in the closet or bathroom! That's when I've done deodorant in roll-up containers (I'll still use this year round since I've got it). It could also be made into a "deodorant bar" by pouring the ingredients into small containers like silicone baking shapes. It's the same basic ingredients as above with added beeswax.

1/2 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup shea butter, cocoa butter, or mango butter (or mixture of these)
1/2 cup beeswax pieces (finely grated or bought as small pieces/pearls)
1/4 cup baking soda
1/2 cup arrowroot powder
Optional ingredients I add -
1 tsp vitamin E oil
2-3 capsules of probiotics
20 drops essential oil, I like lavender
(1st sample essential oil on your skin to make sure it doesn't burn, etc)

Homemade deodorant and lip balm
We don't like scents so rarely use in any of my soaps. When using beeswax, like I also add to my face lotion, it takes a longer time to melt. I've started using things and realize there's beeswax pieces, so will remelt it all. As you can see in the picture, there are roll-up tubes for purchase. Or you can save your empties and reuse - just make sure it's rolled back down. Or look for containers here as well as ingredients.

In the picture you also see my lip balm. Those tubes are sold at the same site as the deodorant tubes. I also ordered from them a tray that holds 50 of these tubes - which does help in holding for filling these little tubes. Just pour the melted ingredients and scrape along the top to fill.

My friend and me tried adding powdered alkanet to some of the tubes. Fill your plain ones first and then carefully do the colored ones so it doesn't mess up all of the plain ones!

Lip balm tray that holds 50 tubes

I go for ingredients that don't melt easy - Monte complains about those in his pockets.

This is a recipe to get you started. Remember that you can be creative and alternate oils and butters to formulate your favorite recipe. If putting in little lip balm tins you could lessen the beeswax if you want.

1 1/2 oz beeswax (grated or pieces/pearls)
1 1/2 oz shea or mango butter (I use mango cuz it's a bit harder)
1 1/2 oz cocoa butter (tastes like chocolate!)
3 oz castor oil or grapeseed (I use castor)

Melt all ingredients in a microwave-safe container or double boiler (preferably something that has a pour tip). Do no overheat. If using a microwave, stir every 30 seconds.

When above ingredients are melted, add the following optional ingredients:
1 tsp Vitamin E oil (helps preserving)
1-2 tsp flavor oil (peppermint? ...)(I don't use this as I love the coco butter taste as is!)

For SPF (which I've not done yet):
1/4-1/2 tsp micronized titanium dioxide 

Pour into the tubes connected to the tray. As the batch cools, it will coagulate & become difficult to pour. Simply place in the microwave for 10-15 seconds and then continue filling tubes. Fills approx 46 .15 oz lip balms.

Fifty tubes actually disappear rather quickly: purses, coat and vest pockets, differing rooms, vehicles, giftings - like my kids often ask for new ones.

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