December 30, 2012

Christmas Time with Family

My boys came for Christmas. Travis and Sarah with their two munchkins stayed for several days. Our wood stove keeps the chill off our great room when cloudy cold. Emery really liked keeping it stoked and our home's mass was quite warm!

Travis in the rocking chair reading

Emery stoking the fire

Little Scout was not feeling well, but pretty cheerful in spite. I stayed home with her one evening as everyone else went to downtown Denver's Zoo lights. Travis took some great pictures with his new camera!

Scout leaning in to hug me, her Oma
Dawson and Splarah silhouetted and Monte framed by the elk antlers

Splarah and Dawson looking at their breath

Dawson and Splarah made their Nephew and Niece some pretty cool Christmas presents: a "lappy" for Emery that has magnet closures for the wood laptop as well as the "pad" chalk cover, along with a cloth carrying case; and then a vacuum.

Chalkboard "Lappy" with magnetic closures

Carved to resemble a Mac


Scout loves her vacuum!

Emery loves to sit and color

Scout playing with the crayons too
Emery loved sledding this year

My back deck

Our Home


Elk in our meadow
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