December 30, 2012

Fermented Onions and More

Fermenting Veggies, Red Onions, Cranberry Relish, Beets, and Pear sauce for dehydrating as a 'leather'

Did more ferments. I LOVE the veggie mixture for putting on a platter with some homemade dips. The first time I tried this was for Thanksgiving - only fermenting them a couple days. I thought they'd get soggy over time, but they don't. The ones I jarred up in smaller jars and put in my cold cellar are still crispy nice . . . And such wonderful flavor! So I did it again for the Holiday get-togethers, which always need more wholesome veggies available! as well as that taste variance over all the sweets (which I don't eat much of tho they are around).

I already posted about the Cranberry-Orange-Apple Relish. This is my third batch this season, and will probably do more till no more fresh cranberries are in the store. I mostly use it mornings with my dairy kefir or homemade yogurt, soaked and dried walnuts, shredded coconut, and sometimes adding a bit of my soaked and dried cold cereal (all recipes posted here).

I love beets and decided to keep making this version - sliced beets - over the kvass recipes. I still drink the brine. And I'm really excited about the red onions. I'm going to be adding them to all sorts of things. Like on salads, in egg and chicken salads, sandwiches . . . I do use whey in most of my ferments. I've read of using other starters or none at all. I have access to liquid whey whenever I want it. It's very nutritious, and I've not found any undesirable texture or taste! And I've not made an official brine either. I typically put all the ingredients in a large bowl and sprinkle on the salt I'd use if making a brine and keep stirring and tossing, to start the process before jarring up in my Pickl-It jars, and adding the water amount to cover.

Monte just mixed up some special canned tuna I got from I Love Blue Sea (and will keep getting cases from them - it's THE best!) with my cultured homemade mayo and the fermented zucchini with poblano chilies I kept making at the end of summer - serving it with my homemade sourdough gouda cheese crackers. SO GOOD!
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