December 8, 2012

Christmas Decor and Tree Beverage

Our tree a couple years ago

Christmas decorating is usually done just after Thanksgiving, but this year Thanksgiving was earlier . . . and it felt too early. So the December 1st weekend we walked our property and picked a tree to cut down - usually trying to thin out for the health of surrounding too close trees. As a result they are not-so-perfect trees.

Monte's family roots in homesteaded Wisconsin still grow Christmas trees. The Swan trees are famous . . . and perfect! Too perfect for me. We brought home a tree once and I didn't know how to decorate it! I like my ornaments to hang free, and many of them need large gaps. (Does perfect mean gapless? . . . Hmmmmm . . . Dare I go into a contemplative thought?)

My local garden guy (on the radio and now has Colorado Gardening Guide books) told of a special "beverage" mixture for Christmas tree stands. Every year I pull out my little card in the December category of my file box for the recipe:

For 1 gallon of water-
1 cup corn syrup
1-2 Tb bleach

That's it. It takes some hot water to stir in the corn syrup. I always figure warm water going into the fresh cut cold tree is probably a good thing. Thinking about this ... I only keep corn syrup in the back of the cupboard for this recipe since I don't use it for anything else!

Coming from a family who harvest Christmas trees I can tell you a few facts. Tho trees are harvested - cut and bound for easy packing - in the mid fall, they aren't so dry! When the ground freezes it is best for their health that trees have been well-watered in the fall so they have plenty to absorb to last the winter. So those earlier harvested trees are usually fuller of moisture than later cut-in-winter trees.

And then a lot of this is moot since more and more people are opting for fake trees. I think I'd do the fake tree rather than pay the price for a tree every year.

Hanging pinecones at the windows is my favorite decoration!

My favorite decorations are the pinecones I hang in the windows. I leave them up till just after Valentines Day. The fresh greenery is quite dry by then, but easily removed into a box.

Pinecones hanging in the dining room window

Some years I decorate a lot and other years simpler. My pinecone window decor tho is always a must!

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