January 12, 2013

NEW DOCUMENTARY: We Are What We Eat [topsoil erosion food organic mon...

Short and Sweet. We all can do our little part. What am I doing?

I buy organic. I garden, making compost I scatter on all my garden beds every year. I get non-GMO chicken feed for my chickens. I buy grass-fed meats. I buy raw milk. I buy pastured butter and cheese. We fish for our fish, or buy from I Love Blue Sea . . .

My compost bin

My chicken coop

One of my veggie/ fruit gardens
Greenhouse gardening
Fermenting foods

Our cellar in process with home-made wines, etc

"Artificial manures lead inevitably to artificial nutrition, artificial food, artificial animals and finally to artificial men and women." - Sir Albert Howard (1873 - 1947), English agronomist
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