January 13, 2013

Landfill Harmonic teaser

This video has been floating about the internet for awhile. I love it! I'm hoping it gets viewed a lot. When it came through my Reader, being posted again, I thought I'd post it too. And add a bit about my son's instrument creations. Dawson has been making steel cellos. He came up with the idea as an extra curricular project in a Music Appreciation class. We still have that first smaller cello at our home. After that one he's made several other full-size cellos tweaking it for sound improvement. The first of those he sold to a Canadian musician and teacher. Two others have gone to the Piano Guys - here's the song it's featured in most, and the in the last couple minutes of this one. And here's him playing it on youtube, and then his cello playing friend, playing it better (in our home) (he's not a cello player, but a violin player). He wouldn't mind more sales . . .

Our son Dawson's Handmade steel cellos

Thanksgiving music - like the "Saw"
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