December 10, 2012

Textile Christmas

Luminous Wool Felted Ornaments

This year I'm decorating with a nature and textile theme. I've left most of my decor in the box. I have lots of felted ornaments I meant to sell and decided to keep them for my tree. I have way more than the three shown. I'll post my textile tree later.

Felted Ornaments

Textile Ornaments and Knitted "light" garland

I also have made felt wreaths for years and am finishing up one for ME this year.

Wool Felt Wreath in the works

Wet felting over styrofoam first
In the process of making all these I've learned some things. When using styrofoam for needlefelting over you do not want the smooth styrofoam. It's got to be the rough kind. And rather than needling it all on, I start with wet felt process first, then needle on the details. I have posts on this.

My last post had other textile giftings I make - preferring Handmade!

On the subject of felting and gifting, I also periodically knit booties to felt. The pattern did not come with a ribbed cuff. I had to knit this on after the booties were felted. Without this cuff the booties fall off!!! I've been a MOPS Mentor going on thirteen years now, so new babies are in my world.

"Soap in a Sweater", Felted Booties, Needle-felted wool face needing a body!

I teach felting classes. I love to teach and like using this blog for tutorials.

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