August 22, 2008


Dawson got a refurbished welder and built himself a massive work bench . A sculptor friend of ours taught him how to create metal things and Dawson has fixed several things around here, but really likes the free-form designing.

We've had several young people hanging about off-and-on over the days. Like the last couple nights I've made extra food for his friends to join us.

He's been wanting a forge. So one of my pictures shows what he created from an old propane tank, old iron pot and pipe; and a weed blower (which burned itself out by the end of the day) provided the air for the forge.

They found they needed tools with long handles - so Dawson welded rebar on to some pliers he had bought. Gary's holding this tool. Stumps with old metal pieces hanging around here have turned into anvils for pounding the heated metal. He's already raided an old dump at the ranch that wraps around us. (With Monte being a geologist, him and me have drug home all kinds of old rusted metal things from mining encampments and dumps - even an old forge and ore buckets.)

Dawson's making an address sculpture for the base of our driveway. (We have lived here for 23 years with people not knowing if they're coming to the right place.)

More paths and rock work are still being done around here. Dawson's finishing up another area tomorrow morning, so after I'm back from a women's brunch I have to leave early to set up for, I'll take pictures.

We saw deer prints inside our electric fence area. Since we've extended it out, there's an area we figure it got under, and then 'reading the sign', we see it trying to find a way out, and jumped out. So Monte's added more wire. All it looks to have eaten was a lone sunflower from bird seed that Monte had left when excavating.
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