August 1, 2008

Perichoresis Poem

I found this poem at The Porpoise Diving Life site. I've blogged on perichoresis, which basically refers to the intimacy amongst the Trinity. In my blog I have a picture I took of a candelabra I have that I call my Dancing Trinity.

Perichoresis – a poem

By Sally Coleman

Can you hear
the unforced
rhythms of grace ?

Do you see
the heavenly
holy dancers?
Are you captivated
by the wonder,
and life
that flows from their
uncreated song?

Can you hear the beating
of their hearts
as they whisper
proclaiming their love
for one another
for you?

Do you yearn
to join the joyful
encircled in their midst?

For you are invited
to this heavenly

Will you dare to take
the outstretched hand,
kick off your shoes
and dance?
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