August 21, 2008

A Year Ago

I was just looking at my calendar - 
I may be weird (or is it anal?), but I add things like "bear", and frosts and first snows and other weather tidbits. And too, things I harvest and freeze (with amounts), as well as spring plantings.

Just for your info -
I have several days starting around now last year of a bear that was bugging me, destroying my bird feeders. There's still a date from 2001 about "bear in freezer". It reminds me that we have to keep the garage doors closed! And I remember the well-rounded meal that bear got - from a ham, to bread, to peaches, and then the noise we heard from our bed: a gallon tub of vanilla ice cream he finished his meal with, licking it clean out on the driveway's gravel. Now we have the electric fence, as far as the birdfeeders go ... we'll see ...

And our first frost last year was Sept 3. NO!!! please! Not this year! That was early, but not by much. Then of course there's a couple months of Indian Summer, but still with cold nights and some snow flurries. I try and save as much as I can that first frost.
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