August 26, 2008

The Beatles at Red Rocks

Dawson went to a concert at Red Rocks Saturday night - a group that mimics the Beatles. I said, well that would make sense concidering the Beatles had been at Red Rocks on August 26, 1964 - I have it on my calendar! (I loved the Beatles! So I'd make note of it.)

What I was amazed at when I visited the 'history' room at the Red Rocks amphitheater gift shop, was that the tickets were just $6.60 back then. That's so cheap! considering Red Rocks tickets today!

We often take visitors to the Red Rocks Park. It is pretty impressive, with the red sandstone rock and soil, in the foothills of Denver.

The band playing Saturday was "1964"
The Tribute group. They totally recreate the 60's era and the Beatles. Dawson took the picture at the concert and put it on his photoblog.

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