August 14, 2008


As I said, tho buried in my last post, I need to be looking at my garden books planning my next landscaping project since Monte did more excavating last Sunday with our neighbor's bobcat.

I took pics this morning, so will post some of the current ones of the 'new look', and will post some of the current happenings. Like when Monte's brother visited ... when was that? ... We've had so much going on ... oh, they left a week ago. Monte's had some geologists here, with a charming couple from Canada - and they're gone right now on a geology field trip, with Monte and Stan leading again.

My sister-in-law wanted to try needlefelting and she's been wanting me to do a figure for her, and asked if I'd do her down-syndrome daughter Leah. So while I worked on a 'Leah' face, I led Chris through the process on her own creation. I will post my 'Leah' later. I'm done with her face, working from pictures I printed and looking at Leah playing on the floor, but need to add ears and wispy hair, then figure out how to do the body. I'm not wanting to do the entire body and am thinking of a metal frame, cover it with her dress and have her always clapping hands felted, coming out from the dress. But I'm posting Chris's first try - and a great creation I'll say (she's leaning against my felted sculpture I've posted before and I posted on my Facebook site). She wants to work on it more and do more.

I'm posting some pics of Trav and Sarah's garden we helped plant in their Ft Collins condo, and one of Travis and their dog Bea.

Next is our front yard with Dawson's awesome rock work and then the new dirt area. Dawson is outside now starting on new rock work in the new landscaping. When we get the tractor back he'll bring over some giant rocks and that'll have some sort of waterfall area.
This is what I really need to design. There's a picture of me in our dining room window taking a picture of my flower/herb pots and the new excavated area is behind me.

And you have to see Dawson's photoblog if you want to keep up on more of the happenings in our life.
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