August 21, 2008


I'm waiting ...

Dawson got the new iPhone and I'm getting his old one. I'm thinking the hassle we're having in getting me hooked up on his old phone is: 1) I'm wanting to still use my old Verizon phone# (In my 'mental-pause' state in life, I don't want to memorize another phone# !**@!) and 2) AT&T (not apple maybe) is used to people buying new phones, not taking over old phones. But the new phones did not change that much and I can do fine on the old (I think).

Ahhh ... the download is complete! and everything is in sync with my Macbook! how cool is that?!!!!!

Hassle? Even the gal at the AT&T store today (after Dawson and me went to the Farmer's Market, Home Depot, and bought his textbooks for this semester) had errors come up thru the process we've been trying to do for awhile, both with store visits and phone calls. Over an hour later (and starving!) my phone was ready, pending connecting it to my Macbook after 5pm. And that 'connecting', done through iTunes, wasn't the easiest. 

But now it's done! Now I explore and play. But to bed for now.
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