January 24, 2008


I need to start laundry and getting ready for my felting class tonight. But been reading varied things on the internet. My last bunny trail was reading about Karl Barth. I've always been fascinated with him, so have ordered up some things from the library that he wrote. I'll probably skim them and not be able to understand them. Like this -

It has been said that "a 'Barthian theology' is just as impossible as an 'Eisteinian science', but just as there is a pre-Einsteinian science and a post-Einsteinian science, so there is a pre-Barthian and post-Barthian theology, for the contribution of Karl Barth to theology is, like that of Albert Einstein to nature science, so deep-going and fundamental that it marks one of the great eras of advance in the whole history of the subject". - TF Torrance

- so I'll see ...
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