January 18, 2008


Today is Pooh Day: AA Milne, author of Winnie the Pooh and other books, was born in London in 1882. I've always loved the Pooh books and always will.

As a kid I had a record of Pooh stories and loved the voices. If I find we still have that recording I'm going to have it put on CD since we're currently transferring albums or just some songs to CD.

I collected some of the earlier stuffed animals. I've put them on a shelf in our bedroom above the sliding glass door. They are the first things I see in the morning and I call them my "prayer buddies".

Icons are used as aids to devotion. I think of icons as windows showing views of truth. So to me, my Pooh animals are icons. When I see Pooh, I think of Heather - we often joked about the similarities. So I might pray for Heather. Dawson has always been a Tigger - so bouncy, bubbly and into everything. If I had Owl I'd name him Travis since we've always thought him creatively smart. I'm a mixture of Eeyore, Kanga, and Piglet.

Though their images may remind me to pray for our family, in reality, they visually bring me to God-consciousness and I often start my days, "Good morning God!" and go from there ...
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