January 1, 2008

Circumcision of Jesus

Torah required boy babies to be circumcised eight days after their birth as a sign of the covenant between God and His people. So since our calendar has Jesus' birth on December 25, January 1 is the 8th day, the Octave Day of Christmas.

I'm not wanting to discuss this (like, what about us girls? or New Testament baptism ...). I only wanted to say that there's actually works of art depicting the possibilities of this scene! I have one, and if my printer-scanner-old computer set up weren't dismantled, I could post it. And I'm sure I could have found one on the web, but it seemed a little over the edge. I'll let you search and look, or just imagine.

Imagery often flows from my scripture reading that I create into art. I still have images like open files (or as Madeline L'Engle called them 'jags') that I'm still developing and adding to. But I have to say, I've not sat with the Luke text trying to visualize Jesus' circumcision.
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