January 13, 2008

Nice Birthday Surprise

Monte and our close friends, the Johnsons, surprised me today. Monte made reservations at a nice Evergreen restaurant for lunch. So after church Jim and Marty, Monte and I, and our friend Kathy all met at The Bistro. It was Marty's birthday this past week too.

We were a wild bunch and had the closed-in porch to ourselves overlooking a snow-covered meadow with pine trees, and snow-capped Mt Evans (having the highest paved road in the US) as our view. We had a lot of fun with our waiter, and Kathy's request for a carafe of coffee just for herself was met by his needing to visit every five minutes to refill cups. The meal was great.

They all came home with us, since we live so close to that restaurant, to see the changes in our house, which they loved. And Kathy hadn't seen Monte's new office either.

When they left, Monte was wanting to use his new camera Dawson and me got him last fall before one of his geology trips. So he started taking pictures of me. Then me of him. Then we tried some pictures with the camera on a tripod and him running to join me on the couch.

So with me putting iPhoto pictures in a folder on my computer for printing for Heather and Bill to have in a wedding scrapbook, and then going to church, and then laughing over a great meal with good friends, and then the two of us having fun taking pictures of ourselves, and then relaxing reading ... That was my birthday; a nice day.
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