January 9, 2008


We've been remodeling an office space for me in a room we've called the 'studio' and sometimes the 'schoolroom' off our bedroom upstairs.

The walls had been 'wallpapered' with burlap (the actual material, not wallpaper - just like in Heather's room the walls have actual denim material glued on with wallpaper paste) and covered with a timeline, chalkboard, an old computer/bookshelf area and a drafting table. I ripped the burlap with the timeline off the wall. Dawson retextured it, and now it's a dark purple with some walls a deep golden yellow which I then stenciled.

We bought a beautiful new desk for me. Today is the first day I'm sitting at it with my laptop. I posted more photos on my photoblog site with before and after pictures like you see in magazines.


This used to be Dawson's bedroom for a number of years when he was young. He has always been very creative and ingenious. When I ripped the burlap off the wall I found his name. Showing him, he said, "Oh, I wrote that with my blood!"

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