January 13, 2008


Another birthday, another year! Life is good.

Since we've been going through things this year in the process of doing finishing touches on our home, I organized all the pictures and looked through old photo albums. I sat with my mom's album she made 53 years ago and read her entries - all in white ink on black paper. It's a scrapbook of her time in and around Salzburg Austria. That is where I was born. My dad was over for military help after WWII. I need to tell her I enjoyed her writing and am glad she made this memory keeper.

Talking of memories - I'm remembering birthdays as kids. It was always a special day for us. No chores and always our favorite foods. You know what I always wanted? My favorite cake is Spice Cake. My favorite supper was Mom's homemade Macaroni and Cheese.

My kids love my Spice Cake with a boiled brown sugar frosting. Since I'm going to be making it later this week for Heather and Bill's wedding open house we're hosting, I'll wait for my cake. Maybe I'll make Macaroni and Cheese for supper. It's liked by my family too.

So Happy Birthday to me . . .
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