January 1, 2008

New Year

Well, Dawson is gone again skiing for a couple days, so it's just Monte and me. What are we doing? - not watching TV. Would I watch the Rose Bowl Parade? Since I saw it in person several times as a kid, I don't need to watch it on TV. I think Monte is in his office still putting his music on his computer. He's set up his office with a nice sound system and the room dynamics are great!

Me? I'm going to weave again, but was googling toilets. Yes, toilets! Our toilets are 23 years old, and we have low water pressure, and the proper flush is requiring a bit of research. Yesterday I googled TV's. We don't watch TV cuz for the 23 years we've lived here we have not had good TV reception (unless we attach a long antennae cord and someone holds it in a strange position and periodically has to move). There's no cable here, and we're still not sure we want satellite (will it steal our time? and are we old enough yet to control it?). We've not ever had our TV in our great room where most of our living goes on (Monte's calculated that we've saved over 5 years of our time by not watching TV).

We do watch movies though. Now that Dawson and his friends watch movies in his room on his computer with his great sound system, Monte and I have been watching in our bedroom. Our TV is downstairs in our 'parlor', but it's about to die and we often have to hit it. And that room is cold in the winter, and is going to become the weaving, textile, as well as remain the piano room. And then a little TV my mom left here is dying and I've been hitting it too, so lately we've been watching movies on a laptop!

I stayed up weaving last night till midnight waiting for Dawson and Splara to come home from Skate the Lake. Well it ended up to be more than the two of them. So Lizzi and Splara slept in the guest room (actually hardly sleeping since they said they talked till 5:30), and Connor, Caleb, and Aaron were all in Dawson's room. They were all up making pancakes when I came down at 7:30, and Monte was deep in discussion with these blurry eyed youths covering philosophical, and analytical topics, using his typical curious conversational style of open-ended questioning.

It was Connor who was singing yesterday (I mentioned in the previous post), and I woke to him playing jazz on the piano beautifully! So Lizzi took Connor and Caleb back down the hill to their homes, and Dawson took Aaron and Splara further into the mountains to meet their families. Dawson is staying with Splara's family in Breckenridge skiing. (Her family sure had an ordeal getting there yesterday. The I-70 Interstate was practically shut down from the Utah border to Kansas most of the day due to extreme wind blowing snow - and avalanche mitigation.)

I cleaned up the kitchen, made a pot of tea while listening to news radio a bit, and then went to sit and drink my tea, and read about toilets.
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