December 31, 2007

Pontoon on Lutefisk

I was reading about Garrison Keillor's new novel called Pontoon and read this bit about Lutefisk and couldn't help but pass it along. I did mention Lutefisk in the post I did on Christmas Eve meals. I enjoy Garrison's stories from Prairie Home Companion, so I'll probably eventually read this one.

"Lutefisk is cod that has been dried in a lye solution. It looks like the dessicated cadavers of squirrels run over by trucks, but after it is soaked and reconstituted and the lye is washed out and it’s cooked, it looks more fish-related, though with lutefisk, the window of success is small. It can be tasty, but the statistics aren’t on your side. It is the hereditary delicacy of Swedes and Norwegians who serve it around the holidays, in memory of their ancestors, who ate it because they were poor. Most lutefisk is not edible by normal people. It is reminiscent of the afterbirth of a dog or the world’s largest chunk of phlegm."

I'm about to start a fire and do some more weaving since I'm trying to finish up what's been threaded on my big Swedish loom. Dawson has friends here since they're going to go to Evergreen's "Skate the Lake" tonight. Evergreen Lake sponsor's it every New Year's Eve with fireworks both at 9pm and then 12.

They've got his stereo playing and one of them just walked out singing full blast (and very good!) saying he was going out to chop more wood. I'll go have to see who it was.
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