December 9, 2007

'Graffiti' in our house

I have said, "I love quotes" and that in our house there's a couple places quotes are written and I said I'd post pictures of them. The above old slate board is in the kitchen above the toaster on the kitchen table. I'm the one who usually writes here. Sometimes it can be used for the menu, but more often it's quotes.

The candle on the table is a drip candle over a wine bottle. There was a restaurant in Tucson, where I grew up, that burned drip candles everytime it was open. Before us moving to Colorado the candle was as high as the ceiling and candles were being burnt on it's 'shoulders' and 'knees'.

The quilt, I did. I have taught it as a class before. It is foundation quilting. My many cookbooks are on shelves above this area.

This is our downstairs bathroom wall. One wall I painted with chalkboard paint. A dish with chalk sits on the window sill. It's always fun, especially when guests are here to go see what new 'graffiti' is added. It gets quite full.
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