December 8, 2007


I had posted about it snowing, the Christmas tree lights on and a fire crackling in the cookstove. So I thought I'd post the pictures.

The cookstove is not our main stove. Someone walked in years ago and I wonder what stories get passed around, cuz they looked around and said, "whew, a real stove and a microwave!" We designed and built our home and so planned a space for a cookstove. The room is a "great room" with the kitchen, dining tables, and a keeping room all open together in an 'L' shape.

With the sun setting early in winter the stove helps take the chill off the area. We have so many large windows because of the beautiful views and they have no window coverings and the place cools off when there's no sun. When the stove's going, I will sometimes cook on it. We've roasted marshmallows in the small fire box. I often sit by it in my rocker reading or knitting and my feet propped up on the open oven door (that let's more heat out). It's fun.
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