December 26, 2007


I just started a photoblog. Not because I'm some great photographer. Dawson posts on his site just about everyday. And since he is a gifted photographer, it's a great tool for making him take pictures everyday, therefore, practicing.

I experienced this in college. A requirement in an architecture class was to buy a sketch book and do at least one sketch a day. I still have that sketch book. I drew pictures out of doors, from pictures in magazines and books, of people posed ... it really advanced my observation skills and transferring what I saw to paper.

I started the photoblog so I will have a place to send people to for viewing pictures, like events. So on Heather's wedding date, the 18th of December, I posted a bunch of pictures. On November 10, I posted some shower pictures, and will be adding more to those. Travis sent me Christmas pictures and photo captions and I wanted to save them, so I posted them on the 24th of December. Who knows what more I'll post at some earlier date!

Here is my photoblog address:
and Dawson's site address is -
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