December 14, 2007


I'm baking cookies today. It's snowing outside, Dawson went skiing with friends (he's so excited to have finished his school semester well and is celebrating) and the cookstove is crackling and giving off it's extra warmth.

Ever since I read the book Papa's Wife, that my Swedish Mother-in-law gave me years ago, I've always kept St Lucia day, the 13th, in the back of my mind as a good day to begin baking cookies. The book, which is a series, and I have her cookbook, is cute read. The author Thyra Ferre Bjorn is Swedish (can't you tell?) and tells her story. She begins as a young gal in Sweden, becoming a housekeeper for an older bachelor pastor, whom she ends up marrying. A fun thing in the story is her deciding she needs to stare at an angel during her pregnancies, so the kids will turn out well behaved (and I think she had 7 kids).

I couldn't do cookies yesterday. And I was going to focus on finishing Heather's wedding outfit today. But with the activities coming, I decided I needed some cookies to be done for giving.
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