December 16, 2007

Stocking Earrings

I bought instructions for these earrings at the yarn shop where I teach felting classes. So I've been making them for several years now.

At Heather's shower a couple weeks ago (by the way, she's getting married this Tuesday. We fly out early tomorrow morning and I have to finish the buttons and bottom lace of her outfit. Dawson and my sister Kelli will take lots of pictures.) a long time friend of mine was wearing the earrings I made her years ago.

So I'm making more to give away. I'm trying different thread/yarn then I used before. The done earrings are mine I made long ago. Now that I see them, I do like the heel and toe contrast.

The difference now? Look at those needles! They're like 0000 and I'm having to wear glasses now!
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