November 14, 2007


Just had to write, since what we did is so apropos to us...Meaning we so often go with the flow or are spur-of-the-moment...Which is what happened tonight.

We don't always do a big deal on THEE day, but spread out the celebrating. And with a group of men coming tomorrow night, the Geolly Boys, for Monte to share his geology and maps, and all in his setting...We've decided to celebrate moreso later.

I did make Monte and me a nice supper. Just when we were done, the phone rang...Friends we don't often see have the same anniversary date as us, and called to wish us happy anniversary. They were celebrating at The Bistro across the roadway from our road turnoff. So Monte said we'd come for dessert.

We changed clothes...I was sitting checking emails and Monte looked at my shoes and asked if I could walk in them..."They are comfortable"...OH...We didn't have a vehicle!! (Dawson and Monte are going to look at used vehicles Saturday.) We were going to have to walk (a little over a mile)!

It was cold. It was dark. Dogs barked, and we hoped they were contained. But it was an adventure. I have favorite foods I use in certain nationality restaurants to measure them by. In this case I had Tirimisu. It was excellent.

Great conversation, atmosphere, friends and food...AND totally spontaneous.
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