November 24, 2007


I should say some things about Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful day. I cooked a 22 lb. turkey full of yummy stuffing in my new range. There were 14 of us. Great food and conversation.

My old Jenn Air of 23 years was down to one burner working consistently. Though we've been looking for a great deal for a couple months, it was finally urgent. I did not want to do another Thanksgiving meal with that stove! Our custom built home always seems to need some adjustments for what should be conventional sizing. We had to do some tile chipping, and a saw hitting metal bits occasionally. But thank God for Shop Vacs!

So I did some preliminary baking the day before to get used to the oven. My Mystery Pecan pies turned out better than ever. And I baked another batch of cinnamon rolls, for the company sleeping over, for Friday's breakfast, and a couple oval loaves with the extra dough. I made that bread totally out of fresh ground Kamut grain. It came out great! And I'm loving the ceramic smooth cooktop.

We needed extra sleeping space. So the vacated laundry room is turning out to be handy. Travis and Sarah slept in there on a blow up mattress. They shared the room with their new LITTLE puppy named Bea. She's a Boston Terrier. Sarah's parents had the guest room. And the Johnson family were the other guests for Thanksgiving.

It was a sunny day, though cold, since it had snowed the day before. So the atmosphere with the wood cookstove going, and window views of snow and pine trees and very blue sky, makes for a great day inside with friends and family.
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