November 9, 2007

A Guy Thing

Heather and me stayed overnight at Travis and Sarah's. They wanted to learn how to needle felt people. Travis finished his, and this is his guy.

I forget his name. Travis did name him.

It's fun teaching people. I finished my last needle felting class for the year last night. I love the variety. Unless they email me pictures I don't see them done, since they do more at home.

A friend gave me her goat fleece. It was very dirty and I barely touched it except to stick it in the washer. Goat hair makes the best hair for felted dolls. I have to pull the locks apart before I can use it since the grass and all is still in it. But at least it's clean grass (and burrs and poop and bugs!). But now I've got red, yellow, black, brown and white hair. (I've bought some green hair and a gal in a class gave me blue hair.)

Anyway, we had a nice visit. Heather knit while we needled away. We went out for sushi for lunch.
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