November 27, 2007

Differing smells

Two fragrances from two activities today seemed contrary. We're in the Colorado mountains and it's almost December and there's still some snow on the ground.

I had some extra poblano chilies. I bought some to sliver and saute with green beans and onions and garlic for Thanksgiving this year. It was very good and we will do it more often. But I crave grilled stuffed poblanos.

It was a beautiful day today--another 'calm before the storm', since it's supposed to snow tomorrow. And since the sun is setting earlier, I grilled our supper after lunch. As they cooked, the wood chips I used to smoke them was mesquite.

So I shed my shirt down to my camisole and soaked up the sun's vitamin D, enjoying the warmth. The sun energizes me. I would get depressed without it for many days! So I can't live places where there's days of gray.

I heard the sound of chopping and then sawing. I walked around to the front porch and Dawson had cut down a tree for Christmas, and brought it in.

So I was smelling both mesquite smoke and fresh cut pine, and I smiled.
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