November 18, 2007

Calvin & Hobbes

This is the day of the first debut in 1985 of Calvin & Hobbes cartoon strip by Bill Watterson. We have all the books. (Except that I see a Teaching With Calvin and Hobbes, that I'd like to see if it still exists. I had a friend do a whole "Beginning Homeschooling" workshop from the cartoons. You could develop any kind of a talk from the cartoons!) We really like them.

Calvin comes from John Calvin. Most of us have heard of him and Calvinism. Him a 16th century French Reformation Theologian. Calvin in the cartoon is an extremely creative, full of energy, imaginative, intelligent, and curious 6 year-old boy.

Hobbes is portrayed as his cynical, 'adultish', large stuffed tiger. Thomas Hobbes is not so known. He created English-language philosophy - nothing had been written in English before him. His most noted book Leviathan, is the western world's political philosophy foundation. Thomas Hobbes was a 17th century philosopher, so they lived at differing times. But the cartoonist liked to use their opposite viewpoints to create the dialogue in the cartoons.

Travis took one set of books we had when he left home. I haven't looked to see if Dawson has the complete set. A hardbound set in three volumes came out in 2005 that I ought to get for ME! Dawson's books are all dog-eared! Dawson wanted a large Hobbes stuffed tiger. I couldn't find one, so we made one.
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