April 27, 2009

Weather Report

Just woke up. Heating water for tea. Listening to the radio to see (hear) what's up. From the ten day forecast last week I saw four days of cloud cover with possible rain/snow showers. Was so glad to wake to sunshine yesterday's Sunday morning for a cheery reading, journalling time and then church, after a very foggy drizzly saturday. But the clouds and slush moved in yesterday afternoon. I'd say we have 8" so far. At least Denver is getting snow too. I often wrestle with why we live at this higher elevation, but mile-high Denver gets its share of weather too. When I'm wishing we lived down there, I remind myself of our beautiful environment where people want to vacation, and beautiful summers, that I never want to leave for visiting elsewhere, and my gardening, experiences almost no bugs (except the larger mammal 'bugs')(and the extra work with messing with Mother Nature).

Snow and swine flu ...

I just needed to whine ... Thanks.
I pick up Monte tonight at the airport. Then I think Spring and sunshine and 70 degree days return!
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