April 14, 2009

More Than Just a Day

"Easter is far more than a day it is an entire season that stretches for 50 days until the celebration of Pentecost - this year on May 31" says Christine Sine.

I have an RSS feed reader on my computer and there's news and blogs I subscribe to (it's all free). Daily news and writings come thru. It's an easy way to cruise thru news, often just reading the titles or summaries is all that's needed when you've been following the news. And when someone writes, it shows up. I can click on things I want to read in it's entirety. BUT, there are some blogs I don't read in this format because the 'atmosphere' of the blog or it's artisticness ... doesn't come thru the reader (unless I need a new reader).

Christine Sine's site is one I regularly open to read in its entirety. Another blog I've followed for several years is the Jesus Creed.

As Christine goes on to ask about Eastertide, "So what is going to flourish in your life this season? How do you expect to encounter the risen Christ?" And she lists some possibilities to consider. As I just posted the other day in Counting Omer, our linear calendar days can have EXTRAordinary meaning when we're connected to God's larger story, living in anticipation of seeing God's winks and heart, that so often grace our days ... but do we notice?!
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