April 24, 2009

Home Happenings

For goodness' sake, what have I wrought?! What the Dickens have I gone and done? I've done the typical for me, unpremeditated thing. Though this be madness, yet there is method in it (at least I think so). Am I a madwoman? Chaos is come again to my house and home. But what's done is done. Now I must face the consequence of my actions. Are you waiting with bated breath as to what I've done? Am I a fool?

Just for your information, the above italic words and phrases above are what we've adopted into our vocabulary from Shakespeare. Yesterday was his birthday. It's easy to find these expressions from the Bard in my Brush Up Your Shakespeare! book. 

But seriously, this home has got too much going on at once, and it's all my fault. My mother often told me I jump in and do things without thinking. But the point is, I do DO things ... and I've got a lot to do and wrap up. Should I paint a picture with words?

The greenhouse is full of flats and pots of seedlings, tubers, and bulbs. The dining room table is full of varying colored bolts of cotton weaving thread, cuz the kitchen table has a small tapestry weaving loom on it, in process. One couch has scattered colors of weaving loops for potholders. AND on top of that, I started painting walls! I guess, in one fell swoop, I'm going to have the downstairs clean, as I see the need to dust/wash everything before returning it to it's resting place or wall. 

BUT, I added more to that creative chaos. I've been so sick of the entryway color - the high up two story color. So I rented scaffolding. I'm not long-legged, and I get woozy at heights, and Monte's been too busy to ask, and I haven't wanted to add it to his 'honey-do' list, and he's out of town. And I want to surprise him. As the guy loaded the scaffolding into the truck yesterday, he asked if anyone was at home to help me set the pieces up. I texted Dawson and he thought it hilarious, and typical of him and me - jumping in and doing. Luckily he is home doing homework these next few days!

So, to work I need to go!

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow what will be? Hopefully no more snow! tho our altitude's forecast says "rain/snow showers" for the next few days - we'll see. I'm busy inside anyway, but anxiously awaiting to get my feet in dirt! Those little bulbs I planted in the grass when I aerated last fall with our hand drill, are blooming.

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