April 17, 2009

Weather and Heather

Our Internet is going in and out and I've got pots filled with water in case our electricity goes out. So far we've gotten more than 1 1/2 feet of snow!!!! Hard to tell with the warm ground - it could be melting almost as fast as it's coming down. I've got Monte's internet wireless stick while he's out shoveling and knocking wet cement snow from some bushes and trees and shoveling. We've still got another 28 hours of winter storm watch to go and it's supposed to snow harder this afternoon. Winter?!!!! I sprang forward with Spring, but so too did Winter!

So glad Monte rescheduled flying out Monday instead of tomorrow morning. So glad we've got a wood cookstove: to curl up by for warmth and atmosphere, to cook on if need be, melt snow if need be ... So glad Dawson and Monte sawed and chopped more wood a few weeks ago.

Dawson stayed in Denver last night, just in case ... but school canceled. I think the lilacs and crabapples, even tho no leaves yet but starting to bud out, might be permanently bent! I'm going to have to fill the bird feeders soon with the abundance of birds. Sure would be cool to capture a picture of tons of birds nestled in the midst of trees - isn't that where they go in weather like this? Robins can't get their worms ... But it's supposed to be 70 come Tuesday so this will melt fast!

Heather's Bill is coming home for two weeks. He may be there now. As of last night, she didn't know when. They are not to say anything until they're out of Iraq and on their way home. So she's excited and been getting ready. They will probably fly to California to visit Bill's dad and brother and let them meet little Will. But then, Bill himself is meeting his son, little Will, too for the first time!
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