April 18, 2009

3 FEET of SNOW!!!!!

I just posted a bunch of pictures on my photoblog. There's several days worth going back to early April. Photoblog now only allows five postings per day. The earliest in April is some more of Bill and Heather's baby (Bill supposedly came home this evening), then my art, and then THE SNOW!

Three days of snow = three feet of snow! Can you believe it? But that's spring time in the Rockies. March is our snowiest month, then November, and third is April. November can make us think, "ah, this'll be a snowy winter", NOT! Cold yes, but with lots of sunshine and 60 degree days between, and then comes March! This March had 70 degree days, and then came Winter!

My photoblog says it all! Like: Monte needing to chop more wood, losing electricity for 20 hours, melting snow and cooking on the cookstove, I was keeping the stove going and tapestry weaving, and keeping bird feeder full for the desperate birds!

I'm going to take pictures tomorrow morning before the melting begins. I'm sure we'll wake to sunshine and it'll be in the 70's by Tuesday. With the ground warm it's been melting as it's snowing. 

Our neighbor got us plowed out this evening and it was too dark for pictures - there are mountains and boulders of snow! Spring brings those very wet cement snows. We'll be checking for broken branches. One tree out my kitchen window looks like it's ready to topple over even tho Monte shook off snow at times.

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