October 19, 2008

Happenings like a Cello

I am awake and anxiously awaiting going home tonight - to our own food habits, to our own bed. And I feel I need to do my treadmill everyday, and probably pilates. One more day of visiting some more relatives: Mike a Linda's married son, Daniel, and another daughter, Rachel. Sally and her husband Greg are living with Mike and Linda since newly married and mice and rats destroyed all their worldly possessions in a storage shed.

Dawson did a new posting on his photoblog (It showed me he's watering my tomatoes in their plastic greenhouse - still trying to imagine how he captured his reflection in a water droplet), but his pretty much done metal cello pictures are there. Pretty impressive. He said, when driving around with the body on his vehicle back seat, it would musically resonate with his radio. So I'm anxious to see this creation in 'person', and hear it's sound. So go to his blog and see more cello details.
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