October 5, 2008

Boston's Freedom Trail

We are sleeping tonight in a downtown Boston Hotel that's been around since 1855, Parker House - which blows my mind - the oldness! It was suggested we not try and drive in downtown Boston, and after walking all over today, even to the Boston harbor, I can see why.

Streets are not necessarily straight or running NEWS (did you ever realize that's where the word 'news' came from?). And some streets are brick. In fact, in one place we were walking on large brick/stones, and I told Monte it was really hard to walk on without full concentration or you'd turn your ankle - it was where the Boston Massacre took place - right in the heart of Marketplace Center.

Out the hotel's front door we are on the Freedom Trail. It's a red brick trail (sometimes red paint) in the sidewalk and crosswalks. There's 16 historic sites from Boston Common, the 1634 militia training field, and now the oldest American park, to the Bunker Hill Monument. Seeing the old brick buildings and staircases, like the Old State House, imagining John and Samuel Adams and others debating; seeing so many famous, historic people's gravestones; and imagining Paul Revere's ride ... I remember reading about all this!

Tomorrow we'll walk around some more. Monte wants more fresh fish! The swordfish kabobs we had for supper were SO good! Then we get a rental car and drive to friend's home in New Hampshire. The guy next to me on the plane said the Fall colors are at their best!

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