October 2, 2008

Guardian Angels

Do you believe in angels? Do you live as if they exist?

I've seen this quote on wall plaques: "Don't drive faster than your guardian angel can fly!" Some of us by our lifestyle choices might be overworking our guardian angels.

Typical popular art depicts angles as chubby cherubim ... and then there's comments like, "the face of an angel"... and then there's lovable Clarence in the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" ... but what do angels really look like? I'm betting there's something awfully unusual about them since every time they show up in scripture they're saying, "Fear not".

In our cynical, self-sufficiency of adulthood, do we forget about angels? This might be a good time to remember and thank God for his loving protection in having angels guard over us. Pray yourself through Psalm 91.

We're told to be hospitable to strangers as they may be angels!

Anyone have an angel story?

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