October 25, 2008


I've been wanting to write, but haven't. Like I've often said, I wish there could be a way to just transfer the brain's thoughts into print! - the laying in bed time could accomplish a lot!! And yesterday our internet went out and Dawson spent several hours with our DSL provider getting it solved.

Last night was another Show & Tell us artists at church and any body valuing creativity (wouldn't that be everyone, if they realize that creativity is one of the traits we share, being made in God's image?!) have had once a month. I didn't bring anything to share other than bringing my son Dawson (and a couple of his friends), who brought his metal cello he's creating (and I've posted pics of).

I've gone to second-hand stores and have my stuff for making scarecrows. When they're done, I'll post pics. I was remembering I wanted to mention how before Halloween is a great time to look at second-hand stores for fun stuff. We still have a barrel that's labeled "Dress Up", and it's got wigs, shiny material that's been used for all sorts of creations from royalty to ... gloves, hats, bags, bolas, and varieties of clothes ... Also over the years I've made Big Bad Wolf, Lion, Dragon, Dwarf, and Elephant head-covering masks.

We've got some nice days to finish cleaning up the out-of-doors stuff, getting ready for winter. My last things to plant are tulip bulbs. We've been harvesting last stuff from garden and cooking up or storing in garage, reshuffling compost ... An electrician friend is coming this afternoon to finish up some stuff too (like I'm afraid to show him what I've got rigged up with several heavy duty extension cords going through windows into the room we call our 'Parlor', but is now the piano, weaving loom, treadmill room).

Yesterday I had read a news article about Jews sneaking into Palestine to visit what's believed to be Joseph's burial site, and I asked myself "Why?" and did some research. Israel/Palestine are having to figure out how to deal with this place, with so many pilgrims wanting to come. There's been lots of desecrating and deaths. 

Apparently especially during the High Holy Days through Sukkot, Jews do what's called Selichot which has to do with penitential poems and prayers. Between midnight and dawn the oral speaking, singing and dancing, is done communally (never done individually). People take turns voicing the 13 Attributes of God (of Mercy) they get from Exodus 34:6-7 - all methods of God's activities; His divine governance as seen by us; ways of God which Moses prayed to know.

They pray "We have sinned, our Rock, our Creator ..." 
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