October 10, 2008


We are now in Fennimore, Wisconsin. Monte's youngest brother lives here in an old farmhouse they've refurbished. If we weren't flying, we'd be making apple cider and bringing a bunch home to freeze. Scott teaches in a tech school and designed and built an apple press.

Monte and Scott are currently muskee fishing but the weather's not cooperating, so they're quitting.

The couple days in New Hampshire (sparse internet connection), while the mad scientists, Norwegians, and an attorney were having meetings, Nill's wife Kathy took me to crafting and art places and we ate in historic buildings and walked around the campus of Dartmouth.

One place she took me was Woodstock. Are you thinking 'thee Woodstock'? Don't. New England has more than one Woodstock, and Concord, and Salem ... confusing!

Watching a potter, he asked me how I'm finding New England. I said, "I'm amazed at how old stuff is here". His response was, "ah, New England is Old, and yet I'm from the true Old England (across the pond)." We watched glass blowers too. I can imagine Dawson wanting to do this as well.

Dawson is home holding down the homestead. He's got a four day weekend ahead and is going to do more of his melting of metal. He wants to finish his metal cello he's doing for an honor's project in his music appreciation class. He finally posted the beginnings of his cello on his photoblog, so I'm posting some here. (I see he posted a bunch of pics from around our house - it shows me how his interests overflow from our lifestyle of 'sculpting' a home. I'm going to post our guest bathroom tub we sculpted years ago.)

I've been posting about the current calendar events with the Jewish calendar's High Holy Days which will culminate in a week with Succoth - the Feast of Tabernacles or Booths (our Thanksgiving came from the Pilgrims wanting to celebrate this Leviticus Festival as the 'New Israel', which they believed themselves to be).

Once we leave here tomorrow we'll be in Ogema for a week at Monte's parents and I don't know if we'll get internet connection, so I don't know when next I'll post.
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