October 6, 2008

Lyme, New Hampshire

After walking again all over downtown Boston again this morning, we got a vehicle and drove to New Hampshire. I wanted to see the oldest neighborhood which is on Beacon Hill, to see the narrow brick and cobblestone streets and sidewalks. Then we walked through the Boston Common's garden to the cool shopping district, with old architecture - where shops and residences co-mingle closely with beautiful churches! And ate lunch at Legals Seafood restaurant where so many people told us to eat - and it was delic!

Monte took lots of pictures and the Trinity Church was reflected in the tall John Hancock building. He kept taking pictures of serpentenite everywhere. He's in love with the rock and is seeing it everywhere in buildings (it usually is green and looks like marble, but the hotel had an oxidized version that was red). It's the source rock of life and oil.

If we'd had time, we would have taken the subway to MIT and Harvard Square.

Now we're in Lyme and I 'nested' (removing clothes from our bags) and am sitting relaxing before supper - waiting for Monte's geology partner in crime, Stan, some other geologists and Norwegians. They'll be doing business for a couple days while I spend time with Nels's wife Kathy. I took pictures of the view from our bedroom window.
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