October 26, 2008


I finished my scarecrows yesterday, and last evening was great lighting from the sunset, so I ran out and took pics. Dawson ran out, along with his pretty much finished cello, and took pics too, and posted them on his photoblog (I'm the one at the end silhouetted holding the cello in the sunset).

I just posted on Facebook that I "told Monte this is the best Fall ever"! And it has/is. The weather's been beautiful, I've seen my plants mature to their designed beauty without the elk and deer destroying them (The Joy of the Electric Fence, I ought to compose), and I've seen the color changes in New England, Wisconsin, and here.

Calendarwise today? - Hillary Clinton's birthday and Mahalia Jackson. I grew up listening to Mahalia Jackson since my mom liked her. When I hear Gospel and Christmas songs, I often hear Mahalia singing them and do a comparison.

My scarecrows will stay up all winter. I read that some people put them up in October and burn them November 5 on Guy Fawkes' day, which I'll post about on that day (another need-to-know event for literacy since it's mentioned in books and movies). The only thing that I'm remembering always happens when I have a scarecrow in a window's vision is that it catches me off guard for a bit, thinking someone's there.
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