December 2, 2008

Advent Basket Day 2

Needlefelted "My Life's Journey"
My Advent Basket Day 2 bag miniature is a pop bottle of Coke. The little parchment paper says, "This can quench thirst" and says to read John 4:7-14. And then we talk about how Jesus can quench thirsts.

Rereading the story, I'm reminded of a piece of my own story. It's a time when Jesus showed up and audibly spoke to me!

I did a felted work I call "My Life's Journey". It's inspiration came following my sitting with Psalm 107 and 116. 
This is what I journaled -
I chose. I questioned. I bargained with God.
I turned my back on Him and wanted Him dead to me.
I wandered in the desert and dwelt in darkness.
I became sick and desired death.
I called out to God.
He got me out and put my feet on a wonderful road.
God received me back into His womb.
I was rebirthed in His image,
to the very origins of His being.

Another desert -
"Anyone who comes to me thirsts no more".
Set sail in big ships put out to sea.
Bottom dropped out and my soul melted in misery.
He quieted the wind to a whisper, led me to safety.
He led me out of my dark, dark cell.
I didn't wander away,
I was crying out to God!

Then I started drawing hearts -
Keep (heart) ... remember
Don't lose (heart)
I don't want to journey without my (heart)
(Heart's) desire is precious - guard it

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst
Return to your rest, O my soul.
I am standing in the Presence of God.
Alive in the land of the Living!

Reading and journaling is the way God usually speaks to me. But when did He audibly speak to me? It was a setting like in the classic Christian book Hinds Feet in High Places. The kids and me were traveling with Monte. The kids were playing in the back seat and Monte had parked the vehicle by the road-cut at the side of the road while off mapping and collecting rock samples - doing his geology.

I'd been in a depression. I could function in life, but felt I was barely floating above the surface of life, not feeling. I was looking at the dry dirt roadcut out the window and heard a trickle of water. Looking, I saw a small flower. That's when God spoke, reminding me that in His generosity, He gives fresh, living water - gushing living life!

So my Art piece has a stream of water flowing through it. It goes through the desert three times. The first time was a self-imposed desert. I decided the other two were God tapping me on the shoulder saying, "Hey, I want to give you more of Myself!" Then He led me out into the wild water. But if I don't retreat regularly to a calm harbor, I'd go crazy! 
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