December 18, 2008

Wedding Anniversary Reminiscing

Today, one year ago, our Heather married Bill Lavender II in Texas, just a few days after his coming home from Iraq. So, it's been picture day today. I almost never post pictures on my photoblog, but am going back through certain things I want to save on specific days for remembering. It's the same photoblog Dawson has posted on daily for more than a year and I've made mentions of and links to occasionally.

Well go to my photoblog and look back at Heather's shower and then wedding pictures a years ago. Thanksgiving this year with the whole family together is there. My day with my family together in Tucson is there.

Going to the Thanksgiving pictures, you can see Heather pregnant. Their baby, William Lavender III, is due January 18. My birthday is the 13th ... we'll see. Since we were all together on that day, we captured a family picture! not easy these days.

Monte's been in Norway this week. The ocean buffers the temps where he is, so it's been colder here - record breaking!! They do say if the temps stay below freezing a couple weeks it'll kill the pine beetle that's killing our woods - ugly mountain sides of brown! He calls me everyday around late morning - 8 hours ahead, he's finishing up at meetings and back at the hotel readying for supper. So right now ... he's sleeping!

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