December 26, 2008

Live Nativity, Boxing and Feast of Stephen Day

Three things are on my iCal Calendar for today. No, 4. Today is the 6th candle of Chanukah. I posted on all of these last year. There's even a recipe for Latkes early in December 2007 (Chanukah/Hanukkah was early last year - that lunar calender). Hanukkah gives us eight days of fitting in a meal of Latkes (I like eating history) and remembering the story - basically remembering that a miracle happened. Miracles still happen. Do we live with hearts and eyes to see miracles in our everyday ordinaries?

Boxing Day? In Britain, boxes are out today - in work places, or people carrying them - for donations for needy. The first Live Nativity is attributed to Francis of Assisi on this day in 1223. There's a carol we don't sing as much, about Good King Wenceslaus and "... on the feast of Stephen", is a line of the song.

It's the church calendar day to remember the story of Stephen, the first martyr for Christ. He was given the church job of caring for the orphans and widows, which fits with the theme of Boxing Day.

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