December 11, 2008

Advent Basket Day 12 & Happenings

I'm going to be leaving tomorrow morning early to take Monte and Kimberley to the airport. They are flying to Norway. Kimberley and her husband Paul are from Calgary, Canada, and have been here before, and on geology field trips with Monte and Stan. Paul is a professor, and Kimberley returned to college and just graduated in geology, and the Norwegians want her to come over to Norway cuz she's being hired to help in their Calgary office. Kimberley is delightful, and I'm thinking they just want to have her bubbly personality as a part of the team, not to mention her brilliant brain!

So I'll be (almost - today is Dawson's last day of college and he'll be around off and on) home alone for awhile. I always enjoy these times of aloneness. I do the hermit, contemplative thing quite well.
Heather called from Texas today to ask me about making gingerbread houses. She's about to do it with a friend. We did it when they were growing up, always on the lookout for candy and things that would be cool for decorating. Like Triscit or Wheat Thin crackers for roof shingles, or straight pretzels for log cabin look or fencing. Great memories.

Advent day 12's scripture read is Philippians 2:1-11. The miniature is a cross. The paper says, "This reminds us of Jesus' love."
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